Our team
Our team of specialists include following:

(Sensors measurement & Control specialist), based in South Carolina, USA
(B.S. (Mechanical Engineering): 1967 – 1970. Queen’s University, Northern Ireland)
(Awarded US patent for a nucleonic instrument)
Over 33 years measurement applications experience at ABB. Allen was a Systems Specialist for online measurement and control applications for flat sheet process applications such as Pulp & Paper, Metals, Tobaccos, plastic, and films. Allan gives you access to unparalleled measurement solutions expertise with flat sheet applications. Currently involved with design and development of our machine vision systems products & solutions.
Expertise includes:
• Color Measurement, X-Ray Measurement, and Nucleonic measurements.
• Motorola 6-Sigma, FMEA, PST and Team Leading certified.
• Developed ISO9001 procedures for sensor integration and support.
• Technical support; documentation, manufacturing procedures, and problem solving.
• Manufacturing Operational Excellence.
• Technical R&D Level IV support for OCS/QCS systems.
• Problem solving of manufacturing issues, Customer Complaint resolution and continuous product improvement.
• Consultant / Product Manager for line scan CCD camera based sheet inspection system for metal’s and labeling industries.

(Reliability engineering, vibration monitoring & Thermal imaging specialist) OH, USA.
(BS, 1971-76), Electrical Engineering.
Expertise includes:
• Reliability engineering specialist.
• Infra-Red (I-R) thermal imaging and Thermography expertise.
• Vibration monitoring and analysis expertise.
• Extensive background in all facets of plant maintenance (preventive and corrective) services including motor starters (MCC) connections, air leaks, steam leaks, vibration monitoring and analysis.
• Process engineering with flow and batch applications equipments.
• Expertise with state of the art Fluke equipment / software, training and experience to conduct IR-thermal imaging & analysis on your plant equipment.

(Web/Surface Inspection Systems specialist), Based in Ohio, USA
(MS: Electrical Systems Engineering, Wright State University, Dayton, OH: 1992-94)
Worked at ABB for 21 years and started career as a control systems engineer. Has systems level expertise with Web inspection systems design/engineering, installation/commissioning, troubleshooting, tuning/optimizing, and servicing all ULMA models.
Expertise includes:
• Neural networks based "Smart Classifier" technology.
• High speed camera based HDi-8 WIS system (version 7.5 & 8.0).
• Automatic Braking System (ABS), new and old.
• LED, fluorescent and, halogen light source design and applications.
• WIS versions ESI-7 (7.1, 7.2, and 7.4).
• ULMA NTi web imaging technology and web inspection system.
• ULMA 3D, big and smart camera technology based defect detector system.
• ULMA 2000 (2010 & 2020) Photo transistor based Defector (hole) detector system.
• Edge marking systems. Dye/ink Spray and Felt tip marker designs. Color markers.
• High speed camera based web break/monitoring systems. MTC Smart Advisor and HindSight.
• Cognex SmartView SIS, Winder Advisor and Video Jet.
• PLC specification, configuration, ladder logic programming, and HMI programming.
• MasterPiece 280, MasterView 850 DCS systems.
• Advant Control Systems (AC450, AS500).
• Pressductor load cell electronic weighing systems.

Quality Control Systems (QCS) measurement & systems specialist. Based in Europe
(Electrical /electronic/mechanical engineering background)
Holds a (shared) ABB patent on basis weight measurement.
Over 25 years experience as an ABB AccuRay measurement specialist. Wim works closely with sensor manufacturers to improve their sensor design and application.
Expertise includes:
• ABB AccuRay, 1180S / M  1190, MOD 300
• Programming of 1180 PMM, 1190 system, MOD 300.
• ABB QCS systems engineering and control tuning.
• Paper machine Process optimization expertise.
• Expertise with ABB steam box, from specification to tuning.
• Experience in sensor design and optimization.
• Expertise in caliper measurement.
• Designed XYZ scanner test equipment for alignment checkout of any measurement scanner.
• Design and programming experience with QCS system overlay, suitable for ABB AccuRay, Honeywell Measurex MX, etc.
• Design and programming experience with PC interfaces to connect to legacy systems.